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I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IM DOING BUT IM DOING IT I even might be ahead of myself because I’m not that skilled of an artist but this is the only way I can repay you cuties for following me Trust me if I had money id buy all the anime figurines and plushies you want but i dont unfortunately orz

So here’s my first art giveaway! Welcome, welcome! <3

I’ll be choosing 3 winners with the following prizes;

  • 1st place: A full picture like the last one above (a maximum of 2 characters with full bodies only)
  • 2nd place: A waist up like the second above (one character only)
  • 3rd place: A bust like the first one above (one character only)

*Heads up that the first and second picture are very outdated but the last one is new so you can expect the final work to have a similar quality, just in their respective busts :D

I WON’T draw these though (because I do not know how to draw apparently gdi);

  • NSFW, animals/furries (small ones maybe, not like large-large ones), mecha, realism, detailed BGs, characters with religious symbols or accessories (ask me beforehand about it, there’re actually only a few that I won’t draw but just in case- unless you don’t mind me leaving the symbols out) I think that’s it, I might add more later if I remember anything else!

Rules and those boring things yikes;

  • Each reblog and like count as one entry, which means everytime you reblog you’ll have a bigger chance of winning! Aweshomeshauce!
  • You have to be following me, winners who follow me before this giveaway will get a chibi as an extra prize hell yeah
  • No giveaway blogs please!
  • Please keep your ask open! I’ll choose a different winner if I haven’t received a reply in a week.
  • For OCs, it’s best if you give me picture references, though I can work without them but I might screw them up without pictures :’D

The giveaway ends on 20th October! 

As I said, this is my first giveaway so I might have left out a few things and messed up somewhere here and there ^^;; So feel free to ask me anything! Thank you guys so much, ok I love you all omg

Be my Princess?
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Dude check out this shark



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some quick full-body refs for the Pirate!Free! postcards I did Q uQ;; I hope this helps the cosplayers who wanted to give it a go, ty for all the notes on my postcards, you guys are awesome! :”D <3 I’msobadatfullbodyrefs  Free boys will be the death of me QxQ;;

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Haha, I’m having shipping feels over my own characters, so I drew a thing.
Seems Kia fell asleep watching Julia play a game during a sleepover. Julia doesn’t really mind being used as a pillow though.

How do you draw hands? I have no idea. Also backgrounds. And shading.

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preach it, sexuality mermaids! c: 

[you can buy these on my redbubble shop, under the ‘positively fantastic’ collection]

the set is now complete! :))

SEXUALITY MERMAIDS i’m now officially a mermaid and NO ONE can argue !!

these arts are WONDERFUL ♥ ♥